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B-N2 Colour PEDAL Scooter/Disc Brake

This scooter can be customized according to the needs of enthusiasts, from the handle to the body and the wheels, and the parts can be customized. Young, fashionable travel, one-button folding, bringing greater safety to driving, the handle can be raised and lowered to adjust the height. We have designed the B-N2 Colour PEDAL Scooter to engage young people in our green journey that transforms urban transport. Every detail of the scooter is designed and produced for enthusiasts. Users can choose their own travel mode. B-N2 Colour PEDAL provides you with a means of transportation for short-distance travel such as work and school. To make sure they stay safe no matter what their riding ability, riding on rough terrain or even with wet shoes we designed the B-N2 Colour Human Scooter/Disc Brake made of extruded aluminum alloy to last Durable product. Height adjustable and our folding mechanism will make the B-N2 Colour human scooter/disc brake the perfect companion for your next family trip. Start your adventure now and explore your world.

Product Details:

Instructions for use: material, performance, maintenance

The outer packaging of the BHS B-N2 ColourPEDAL scooter that grows with you is a high-end color box with 5 layers of tiles, which is equipped with a hexagon socket, foot support, manual, and strap. For your safety, it is recommended to use matching tools to adjust the car to the best state of safety before use. The scooter can be adjusted on the fly with quick clamps. Big or small? Don’t worry, we’re flexible: heights range from 92cm to 102cm. Let your child choose the journey this time and enjoy a family outing with your new folding companion.

N2Colour, a high-performance scooter, mainly adds the color coating of the body on the basis of N2 and uses nano-coating, which is more durable and more environmentally friendly. The body is made of a combination of T6 aluminum alloy profiles and Q235 steel. The body is equipped with front and rear double shock absorbers. At the same time, manual disc brakes are added to this car, so that enthusiasts can feel the benefits of double shock absorbers during riding. comfort and safer braking. Equipped with high-elastic 200MM PU wheels and high-speed steel 609 bearings, riders feel safe and happy in use.

BHS B-N2 ColourPEDAL scooter is our travel companion, clean the body after use and wait for your next trip!
The company accepts personalized customization [email protected] Welcome to North Sea Lion Castle (North Sea Lion Castle)

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Product Specifications Price Remarks
B-N2 colour  PEDAL scooter/disc brake 200mm PU wheel $28.5 Non-taxanle,Nonconforming freight
Notes:acceptable custom color configuration, 500 booking
Product details:
Model Number B-N2 Colour
Colour orange/green
Max Speed 8-12km/h(Sliding speed 8-12km/h)
Max Climbing 20°
Frame Material steel frame/aluminum alloy
Fold 3seconf fold
Applicable People 100kg following, height 1.2-1.8metre
Front Wheel 200mm PU wheel
Rear Wheel 200mm PU wheel
Braking Mode disc brake·rear fender brake
Size Folding size 86*13.5*31.5
Unfold size 96*14*103
configure half iron and half aluminum alloy
pedal to ground distance 11cm
Quality net weight 6.5kg
weight 7.5kg
  packing size 87*14*32
Packing Instructions cartons+Bubble bag+tool kit
Outer Packing Box Size 89*30*66(4 sets )
Certification Number


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