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B-H01 Manpower Scooter

The extreme scooter is another new type of sport after the traditional skateboard, and it is also a simple labor-saving exercise machine. It originated in 1993 and was designed by a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka. He placed two skateboard wheels on an aluminum sheet and added a stretchable metal armrest to the pedals to form a barely usable scooter. vehicle.

After several months of improvement, the scooter became his daily commute. When Xinxin proudly used the hand-held scooter, he was met with strange eyes from many people. At first, he designed and produced it just to solve his own traffic problems, but it didn’t take long for an investor to come to the door. He believed that this kind of walk-behind scooter had a great market development space, and he was happy to invest in the production of this “great invention”. As a result, the extreme scooter was born from this moment, and it became popular all over the world a few years later.

Product Details:

Instructions for use: material, performance, maintenance

Extreme Scooter Construction:
The B-H.01 extreme scooter has a total of nine essential accessories: handlebars / bottom plates / front forks / grip clips / grips / sandpaper / headsets / wheels

Optional accessories: barrel (auxiliary accessories) handlebar, front fork, bottom plate are the three major accessories of the extreme scooter, and are the most important three accessories

Consumable accessories: Grips / Sandpaper / Wheels / Headset / Barrel / Bottom Plate
Main consumable accessories in the early stage: handle/sandpaper/frame Main consumable

accessories in the later stage: handle/sandpaper/wheel + barrel/bottom plate B-H01 scooter is our travel companion, clean the body after use, waiting for you are next cool run!

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B-H01Manpower scooter 100mm PU Wheel 12.8 Nontaxable,Nonconforming freight
Product details:
Model number B-H01
Color black, white, red, blue, green
Max speed 8-12km/h(Sliding speed 8-12km/h)
Max climbing 20°
Frame material All-steel frame
Fold 3seconf fold
Applicable People 100kg following, height 1.2-1.8metre
Front wheel 100mm PU wheel
Rear wheel 100mm PU wheel
Braking mode rear fender brake
Size Folding size 70*10*49
Unfold size 70*49*83CM
Packing size 68*10.5*50.5cm
Pedalto ground distance 8cm
Quality net weight 5.8kg
weight 6.3kg
  Configuration full iron
Packing instructions Carton + Bubble Bag + Tool Kit
Outer packing box size 69.5*36.5*67.5(6 sets )
Certification number EN14619


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