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B-E9-4 Power Assisted Electric Scooter(Disc Brake)

The electric scooter allows you B-E9-4 children’s electric scooter is a short-distance travel tool for teenagers, this car is very popular in Italy, Poland, Iran, and other countries, B-E9-4 is really a very practical model, Both adults and teens can use it within the living area. In many electric scooter toys, the most common problem is electronic control.

B-E9-4 has gone through 5 years from research and development to the market. After a variety of road conditions, temperature differences, battery explosion-proof, motor waterproof, violent test, The test results in various states have already adjusted this car to the most perfect state. Let him accompany you all the way if it suits you!

Product Details:

Instructions for use: material, performance, maintenance

The B-E9-4 electric scooter is an 8-inch rear-wheel-drive scooter, packaged in a hardened 5-layer cowhide box, equipped with a charger, an Allen key, a manual, and anti-collision pearl cotton. With a 250W powerful motor, IPX6 protection level, 21.6V2.5AH lithium battery has passed MSDS certification to ensure the safety of use. The handlebar is made of T6 aluminum alloy material and Q235 pipe, the frame is made of environmentally friendly nano-coating, and the actual pressure test is 220 pounds | 100KG.

The B-E9-4 electric vehicle has a power-assisted driving function, which is driven by human power. The body is equipped with front and rear double shock absorption. Comfort and safer braking from dual shock absorbers. Equipped with high-elastic 200MM PU wheels and high-speed steel 609 bearings, riders feel safe and happy in use. Double guarantee the safety of users. Enjoy life with your B-E9-4.Speed 8-15 kilometers per hour.

B- E9-4 electric scooter is our travel companion. After use, clean the body and wait for your next trip!
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Product Specifications Price Remarks
B-E9-4 Power-assisted electric scooter(Disc brake) 8 size motor configuration $73.5 Nontaxable,Nonconforming freight
Notes:acceptable custom color configuration, 500 booking
Product details:
  place of origin Zhejiang,china
Model number B-E9-4
Color black/white
Max speed 4-6km/h(speed up to 4-6km/h boost start)
Max Climbing
Mileages 6±1km
Battery 22.2V 2.5A
Applicable People unisex
MaxLoad 100kgs
Charger Voltage 110V-240V
Charger Time 2h
Motor Power(Front Wheel) 250w
Rear Wheel Disc Brake 200mm PU wheel
Braking Mode disc brake/rear fender brake
Size scooter size 94*15*33 after folding, 85/95/105(telescopic rod height)
pedal to ground distance 8.5cm
Quality net weight 9.4kg
weight 11kg
Packing Size 99*15*33cm
Packing Instructions carton+instructions+charger
Low Battery Protection turn on when 15% power remains


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